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How to Use a Universal Joint Socket

Universal joints and universal joint sockets are designed for use in confined places with flexible angles. One would usually assemble a universal joint in one of two ways:

1.) universal joint + socket + extension;
2.) universal joint socket + extension.

Both methods enable the user to maneuver around a corner or attach a socket to an otherwise inaccessible bolt head.

Tien-I supplies the complete range of sizes of universal joint socket.  In addition, it supplies unique and innovative types of universal joint.

The lock universal joint(pictured below) has a safety design that enables the end user to lock the socket while releasing or tightening nuts or bolts.

The magnetic universal joint(also shown below) allows the user to attach the bolt, so one needn’t worry about losing bolts in narrow and confined spaces.

Please note that working with universal joint sockets requires care and patience. Such tools—and universal joints in particular—have a tendency to pull to the sides and slip off the fastener head when torque is applied. The straighter the universal joint is, the better it works, and the faster it gets the job done. This is demonstrated in the video below.

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