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Professional and Amateur?

  • 2019-02-04

Expert and Amateur

Experts usually purchase from the professional; amateurs ask friends for advices. Experts have the standard to evaluate suppliers and have the purchasing process to reduce risks.  They don't want to do all by themselves and prefer not to rush to make decisions.

Amateurs may have principles; but most of them have no discipline and make decisions based on their preferences, instinct, and situation at that time.  They want to do all by themselves, but forget the opportunity cost.  Amateurs like to do comparisons, for example, collecting various prices from B2B platform, but assume all the quality is as same as top brands.

The amateur customers will gradually become professional buyers. It will happen when time goes by. Our Tien-I team will accelerate the progress by providing additional product information and experience.  After the amateur become professional, they will bring more interesting request.  It will bring virtuous cycle.

We understand that professional buyers face higher opportunity cost.  That’s why we save them time by providing critical information to enable them make quick but transparent comparisons.  The professional will ask more interesting questions in return, and we will come up with solutions that actually bring things different.

Different customers have different stories.  We hope that Tien-I and customers will continuously grow together in future.

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