Tien-I Profile
  • Company Name: Tien-I Industrial Corporation Limited
  • Established year: 2004
  • Business Registration Code: 80646988
  • Employee: 100
  • Sales Representative: Candice Jiang | Ginny Lien | Ring Ku | Tannis Huang
  • Language: English, Chinese
  • Country: Taiwan R.O.C.
  • Address: No.51, Industrial 36th Rd., Industrial District, Taichung. / Postcode: 40768
  • Factory Size: 9000 Square Meter
Our Story

In 2004, Tien-I founder Larry and Shaio-Pao started a socket manufacturer with 10 partners in Taichung Taiwan. They believe the market will appreciate quality tools made in Taiwan. After decade, Tien-I supply our global clients with over 10,000 items, including socket tool kits, impact sockets, air chisels, tube tools, and automotive tools.

Our clients include German and USA Top Tool Brands for the aviation, automotive, solar, as well as Japan Machine company. If you look for not only another supplier but the partner to work on the quality tools for long-term brand, Tien-I Team could be your choice.


Some of Our Customers

Tien-I is not only a professional hand-tool manufacturer. Our metal production capacity and expert engineer team enable us to manufacture a variety of components for different industry customers.

  • Profession Hand Tool Industry
  • Auto Industry
  • Vehilce metal componens require 100% quality control in terms of all dimensions. Tien-I's metal part will always meet our clients specific requests.
  • Truck Industry
  • Truck repair tools require high torque and specific range of hardness. The endurance is the key. Tien-I's selected materail and heattreatment tech enable us to meet this specail challenges.
Company Profile
  • Energy Industry
  • Energy industry require the quality as well as the confidentiality. Tien-I carry all the production process in Taiwan Island without sourcing to any oversea country.
Company Profile
Message from founder

My dear friends,

We spent over thirty years making tools better, just like the long history of Taiwan Hand Tool Industry.

Since 1960, the metal production tech and skill had transferred from Japan and USA to Taiwan, and it created the golden age for Taiwan Hand Tool Industry. From DIY hand tools to high-tech digital mechanic tools, it our honor to be part of this history and more importantly, we enjoy making better tools while growing with our clients and friends. That’s why we start Tien-I in 2004.

In Tien-I, we are very lucky to have a great team to develop creative products. In 2016, we earned Taiwan Excellence Reward. For better service, we have expanded our product lines over twenty-thousands items and supply more choices to our clients.

We would like to express our appreciation. Without many friends’ supports, we could not stand in present stage. We will keep every assistance in mind, and in return do our best to become better and loyal business partner that you can rely on.


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