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Quotation, payment term and place the order

What is Tien-I’s minimum order quantity and minimum order volume?

The minimum order volume is US$8,000, we will charge handling cost US$250 If the shipping amount is less than US$8000.  For more information about minimum order quantity, please send us an email for detailed discussion. 

Is there any discount if we order bigger quantities?

Please send an email to discuss. 

Why Tien-I quote with tooling cost?

Tooling cost is based on the content design you provide. If you ask your tools to have a logo by stamping, as it is customized, the stamping cost will be necessary. If you ask to package by blow molded case, then the interior blow case tooling will be incurred. 


What's the Tien-I payment term.

Our payment term is TT 30% deposit upon order received, and 70% balance before shipment. 


How long can Tien -I provide the quote?

Normally, we can provide the quotation within  3-5 days. Please send an email to further discussion. 


Where is Tien-I’s  sales market?

We sell mostly to Europe and the USA.


Can Tien-I provide a price list?

We have over thousands items.  To provide the quote sufficiently, please send the details. 


How to trace Tien-I’s production schedule?

 Please send us an email to check the schedule. 

How long is Tien-I's lead time?

Normally it takes 2-3 months. Please send us an email for further detail. 

Can we ask exclusive for specific products or specific markets?

Which product and  which area do you want to have exclusive? Please send an email for further discussion. 


Production and quality

How long is Tien-I lead time?

If we have sufficient forging material, the lead time is generally 2-3 months. 


Can we sign NDA?

What kind of NDA do you want to sign? Please send an email for a detailed discussion. 

How Tien-I protect our purchasing information to avoid the competitor knowing it?

What is your main concern?  Please send us an email for detailed discussion.  

Can your product meet ANDI, ISO or DIN?

Yes, we meet ISO/ DIN and ANSI standard.  If customers have special need for other standard for bolt, we can comply with.

to know about our quality

Do Tien-I provide warranty?

Which kind of product warranty do you want? Please send us an email for further discussion. 

How Tien-I make sure the quality for each shipment is consistent?

We  do the incoming quality  inspection, and will provide the relative report if nececsary. Please refer to our quality inspection SOP. 

Do Tien-I provide a material certificate?

Our material is from China Steel Corporation which has quality certificate every batch. 

Can you help us to put our brand on the products?

Yes, we can. We use stamping and laser to logo the product. We can also use poly or sticker to apply for. 

How does Tien-I provide the inspection report after the order is sent out?

In general, we have incoming material inspection report. During production, we will also have  inspection staff to random check the goods. If you need the quality report after the shipment, please send us email for demail discussion how to deal with. ter you place the order.  Tien-i quality department will provide the inspection report after shipping. 

How does Tien-I deal with the quantity discrepancy after we receive the goods?

If the quantity discrepancy occurred,  we will arrange the replacement as soon as possible. 

Do Tien-I accept OEM and ODM order?

We are pleased to provide OEM/ODM service. Please send us an email for further discussion.

Do Tien-I have experience working with retail stores?

Yes, we shipped to retailers through our trading company. 

Business Contact

How to contact Tien-I sales?

Please call +886-4-23550568  or email to

How to contact Tien-I by social software?

Please provide the social software you want to use, we can check in detail  

Why there is no response for my inquiry email?

Please check if you send the correct email address or If the email address is correct, please send with your other email because some email servers may be blocked accidently.  We will recommend sending by “gmail” for the second try. 

Does Tien-I attend Taiwan Hand Tool Manufacturers' Association(THTMA)

We are the member of Taiwan Hand Tool manufacturer’s Association. You can check our company information in website 

Our member info of Taiwan Hand Tool manufacturer’s Association

Do Tien-I attend International Hardware Fair Cologne (IHF) or Automechanika Frankfurt?

We didn’t attend the exhibition, but we visiti the exhibition. If necessary, we can have our sales representive to meet you in the fair. 

Do Tien-I attend National Hardware Show or APEX and SEMA?

Tien-I will have resprestavive to visit the show and meet with the customer to discusion to the operation. If you want to meet with our team, please contact our sales department for the meeting arrangement. 

What exhibition does Tien-I partipate?

 Please check the latest news 

in our website for detail inforamtion.

How can we visit Tien-I facotry?

Please send us email to further discussing facotry tour. 

Welcome to contact us.
About Tien-i

What is the popular size of chrome sockets?

Tien-I is a manufacoturer at professional designing tool kit and producing OEM/ODM products. 

Is Tien-i financially sustainable?

 Tien-I is founded in 2003. The management are family members, and are inherited cautiously. Tien-I pass 3rd party inspection every year, such as Intertek, D&B, and TUV.  

Our D-U-N-S® Certified Profile

Do Tien-I have retailer or retailer store?

Tien-I is a manufacturer in Taiwan, and did not sell to retailers. 

Product specification

Is the bit head magnetic?

Please provide the sample or the photo for us reference to see which bits you ask for.

What is the popular size of impact sockets?

What kind of tool kit do you want? And what’s the sales territory? Different countries have different popular sizes. Welcome to send us an email for further discussion. .

What is the popular size of chrome sockets?

What kind of tool kit do you want? And what’s the sales territory? Different countries have different popular sizes. Welcome to send us an email for further discussion.

What is the difference between impact socket and chrome socket? Why is CR-V material not suitable at producing impact sockets?

Tien-i's hand sockets are made of Cr-V steel (CR-V).

Compared with the raw material "CR-V" for hand sockets, the raw material for pneumatic sockets, CR-MO, has stronger toughness, i.e. stronger shock resistance. Suitable for use with air and electric guns. CR-V steel (CR-V) has higher hardness, but in the need for shock-resistant use environment will lead to reduced service life.

to know more about hand socket and impact socket

How to get the Tien-I catalog?

How to get the hard copy of Tien-I catalog?

How to get the sample? What is the sample cost?