How Tien-I Manufacturing on B2B Demands?

Custom Hand Tools Cost Reduction
As a customer, how could you help the factory offer lower price? With no threat, no fight.

Custom Hannd Tools, which is metal production cost evaluated by total processing time and the machine depreciation cost...
How to design Custom Socket Sets and Tools Kit?
Thousands of tool sets are in the hardware shops or Amazon, but the price range is quite large from ten dollar for a 32 pc Set to thousands dollar for a 556 pc Set.

How to design a market-favor custom socket set and custom tool kit? Here is the tips...
Difference between DIN & ANSI Impact Sockets
Most of impact sockets follow on US. spec. called ANSI/ASTM (American National Standards Institute) or German spec. called DIN (Deutsches Institut für Normung). So what's the difference between the impact sockets? Here are the three major points we have experienced which cause the big market difference...