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Taiwan Made Impact Socket unboxing

  • 2018-10-10

Many customers will ask what the difference between impact sockets made by Tien-I and by other manufacturers is.

We luckly got the 1/2” impact socket sets samples from a customer to ask us to do comparison.  Because it is a European style impact socket set, we take European standard ISO/DIN for comparison.


The most critical inspected points to socket are : "hexagon hole" and "square hole".  This time, we got 10 sizes from the samples:

1.)Square Hole(Drive Hole): impact socket 1/2" drive hole

2.)Hexagon Hole (Size): 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 19, 21, 22, 24 mm

By the simple but precisely inspection method, "Gauge".  The Gauge is designed to measure max and min limitation of the size’s tolerance value.  The max limitation is “NoGo”, which means the dimension is too large if the gauge NoGo Side can get into the samples.  On the other hand, the min. limitation is “Go”. If the gauge Go side couldn’t get in, the inspected point is too narrow.

The following are the gauge test results for customers’ sample impact sockets:

Conclusion: The sample impact socket is an unqualified products.  It even not meets the most basic but critical requirement, Gauge Test. 

Why is it so important to control the sizes of hexagonal and square holes within tolerance?

Because they are all critical sizes. 

When users apply the impact socket, it is usually with air guns or power ones.  The high speed rotation and torque can make the small gap between square head of gun and square holes cause wobbling too much.  It makes the nut and impact socket wear easily.  Also, the air gun will be more easy to damaged inside.

That's what the car mechanics call "handy feeling". 

More precise control tolerance is, better user experience feeling.   When torque can be transferred smoothly, the mechanics will keep good mood all days.

It may be hard to tell the difference by appearance between Tien-I made impact sockets and others.  But after real comparing, the critical size tolerance controlling will make the quality and handy ones obvious. That’s why Tien-I inspect tolerance seriously when we produce the impact sockets.   Our team always think it’s our obligation to produce in right quality because our customers are willing trust us with their precious brands.

Hardness, heat treatment and surface treatment are more professional comparison, and it takes more time to explain.  If you are curious about further differences, you can directly check with our sales team.

To find out more about the various types of bit sockets Tien-I provides, please check out the following pages linked below.


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