Taiwan Leading Hand-Tool Maker

2021 A Year of Gratitude

  • 2021-11-05

The year is 2021, 18 year since our company established in 2004.  Compared with other long-history and international hand tool makers, we, Tien-I, still have a lot to learn and improve.   

When we started in Taichung industrial area in 2004, we only have a dozen partners.  At that time, we remember vividly that all colleague stayed in the small apartment and cook and share instant-noodle together in many nights.  

Neither computer nor smart phone was very available at that time, so we all had many handwritten design drawings and memo.  Our engineer wrote the figures on the drawings page by page, run test results via machines in different lab, and then modified the tolerances, torque, spec, hardness, heat-treatment requirement, and material component…etc again and again.  Even though we spent 9-to-9 and 7 days a week to come out the result, the quality of the design and product itself were built up on the solid foundation.history_Tien-ihistory_tien-i_2
(2004 hand-written design drawing and memo)

The 2021 year is a tough but also grateful year to us.  We are grateful for the precious support from our long-term colleague, partners as well as our customers around the world.  We cherish the opportunity to grow together with all our partners now and future, and will keep moving forward steadily.