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What is right Package for Socket Set and Hand Tool

  • 2021-09-06

Some clients like to ask for our suggestion “what kind of package you recommend?”

Many questions jump into our sales-team mind, and we will start to collect the answers for them.
“What kind of your brand is?”

“What is your current sale channel?”
“Does your brand offer warranty? At what range?”
“What is your country’s safety and local law requirement?”
“Is the target item heavy?”
Our design team will then recommend the “likely right” package after above answers are most clear.

In fact, we notice that these years, many customers design their package for online sales, not traditional store anymore, such as Amazon, eBay..etc. In traditional stores, the package design is about eye-catching appearance, function display by touching and testing. For online sales, the package is simple but robust, sometime even anti-humidity (who know if a container will face the great storm?)A ship in the storm("A Ship in the Storm", photo from Hapag-Lloyd)

Therefore, Tien-i design team develop a series of package template which is smaller and more environmental friendly to meet customer freight-saving need.

What the package requirement is for real world?  For example, Amazon FBA have strict package requirement, LxWxH is less than 25” (63.5cm). If over the size, the additional cost will be charged or rejected directly.

If you are interested about Amazon FBA, please check: 

So, how to make the right package for Common hand tool set such as socket set, wrenches, tool kit and even large tool cart?

(Click above to download PDF

Any package demand for professional hand tool, please contact with Tien-I sales team.

For more package design discuss, please check the blog: How to Design Tool Kits and Socket Sets?