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Tien-I Chooses Taiwanese Chrome Vanadium Steel for Durability and Resilience

  • 2014-10-08

To make good tools, you need good quality steel. That's why Tien-I chooses to manufacture with chrome vanadium steel (Cr-V) from Taiwan.


Chrome vanadium steel is iron alloyed with chrome and vanadium. It shows high resistance to corrosion and possesses suitable rigidity. For example, for sword-making, chrome vanadium steel is far superior to simple carbon steel in overall strength when spring tempered (50 HRC).


Edge-holding advantage


Different steels have different edge-holding capabilities. Chrome, a very hard metal, adds hardness to steel. Vanadium, a brittle metal, adds toughness. The end result is a steel that holds an edge and doesn't dull with repeated use.


Carbon steel = quality compromise?

Carbon steel is a very common type of steel. The percentage of carbon determines whether the steel is high-, middle- or low-carbon steel. As its carbon content rises, the hardness of steel increases.

Lower carbon steel is suitable for forging or die casting. Most DIY hand tools are manufactured using this kind of carbon steel, as it is cheap and easy to access. However, such tools are not highly durable, and they are not suitable for precise processing. That's why we don’t use this type of material for our clients.

Tien-I's tools are made from chrome vanadium steel for higher durability and resistance to corrosion. That's why our hand-tool sockets always bear the CR-V mark.


A summary of the properties of some different steels

type of steel

iron alloyed with


typical use

Low-carbon steel

about 0.25 % carbon

easily shaped;


car body panels

High-carbon steel

up to 2.5 % carbon


cutting tools

Stainless steel

chromium and nickel

resistant to corrosion

cutlery and sinks