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Which Must-See Hardware Shows Are?

  • 2020-04-22

For tool industry professionals, which of the world’s hardware shows or auto mechanic shows are simply not to be missed?

There are two types of exhibition: Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C). Some exhibitions combine both types. Each type of show has a different goal and a different target audience. As B2B exhibitions cater specifically to business-related groups at the professional level, the number of visitors is usually not as high as that of B2C exhibitions. B2C shows aim for a higher number of visitors. As the target audience is the general public, the more people in attendance, the better.

As a leading socket and impact socket manufacturer, Tien-I attends Taiwan Hardware Show, a B2B exhibition held every October. We also visit B2B Hardware Shows and Auto Mechanic Shows in various countries. At these exhibitions, we say hi to our old customers, gauge the climate of the entire industry, discover new products and manufacturers, and check out the market’s latest trends.

Some exhibitions feel just like reunion parties, as we see the same friendly and familiar faces popping up in the same place every year. Taiwan Hardware Show is one good example of this. Every year, Taiwanese tools makers and trading companies and representatives and import sourcing teams of many international tool brands assemble at the Taiwan Hardware Show.

For anyone involved in the tool industry, what are the other must-see Hardware Tool Shows and Auto Mechanics Shows?

hardware show

Here are the fthirteen hardware shows and auto mechanics shows listed above. In case time and budget constraints prevent you from attending all of them, we’ve compiled a list of our top four.

(1.) USA National Hardware Show (NHS)



(extra introduciton: Hardware Fair Cologne introduction [photos])

(4.) Germany Automechanika Frankfurt 

At the four exhibitions listed above, you can meet various suppliers and acquire abundant market insight. You’ll have the opportunity to view many new products and initiate new business relationships.

A number of large and well-known manufacturers may still not have booths at these B2B shows. They may have long-term local partners and customers who will be glad if their partners don’t have a presence at their hometown show. Keep the maker low-profile is good for everyone. 

Is B2B exhibition less attractive year by year?

In 2020, we are living in the age of e-commerce. Amazon, the Alibaba Group and Facebook have disrupted the traditional sales channels. This also brings great change to the hand tool industry and hardware shows. Hand tool sourcing teams are increasingly conducting research online, such as browsing Amazon to find the top sales products in their industry. Furthermore, as most hand tool manufacturers and suppliers have their own websites, sourcing teams are able to collect information about new products online instead of traveling great distances to attend international hardware shows every year. We are also seeing an increase in the number of B2B hardware shows around the world. Formerly, there were relatively few B2B hardware shows, but these days, as many countries’ economies are growing, they have started to hold their own hardware shows.

Due to the above factors, including what I call the localization of B2B exhibitions, the numbers of exhibitions and visitors are declining with every passing year.


(The yearly Attendance record of one b2b show)

Tool industry professionals still need to visit trade shows in order to understand the market and, most importantly, to learn about new concepts, trends and products. However, considering that your schedule and budget are limited, which exhibitions should you choose to attend?

visitors goals


(The statistics of the visitor goals)

In which market or markets are you interested?

If your company focuses on the North American market, you can visit the National Hardware Show (NHS) or APPEX/SEMA in Las Vegas, USA. There you can explore a lot of international and local US-based tool manufacturers and trade companies who have experience and deep knowledge in your target markets.

Are you searching for quality hand-tool makers?

If your goal is to connect with quality manufacturers who are the right fit for your brand and for your customers’ needs, then you should visit Taiwan Hardware Show (THS) or International Hardware Fair Cologne (Eisenwarenmesse). At both of these exhibitions, you can find well-known manufacturers and suppliers of quality tools, including socket sets, impact sockets, screwdrivers, and hammers. No matter what product you are searching for, you should be able to find it.

Are you focused on finding the most competitive prices?

At each exhibition, you will have the opportunity to get a good deal for your desired product and level of quality. The biggest challenge is in making a fair comparison. You can ask suppliers to provide samples, but how can you ensure that the mockup sample is same quality as mass production? A good price means nothing unless you have a reliable supplier.

Tien-I was founded in 2004.  Since 2013, we have attended Taiwan Hardware Show every year. At the Taiwan Hardware Show, we are excited to greet our old friends, build relationships with new customers, and present the innovative and handy tools we’ve been working hard to create for you. If you are interested in Tien-I’s socket sets, impact sockets, air chisels and auto repair tools, you are welcome to stop by our booth at the Taiwan Hardware show every October. We look forward to seeing you there!  Contact our sales team for further inforamtion about new products in Taiwan Hardware show.