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From Concept to Component

Tien-I’s R&D engineering team specializes in manufacturing precision metal parts, especially cold forged and tube components. From the beginning of the design phase, the engineers work with our clients to transform the product concept into a manufacturable component.

Our engineers have the expertise to improve quality, accelerate time to market, and reduce waste. We offer consulting assistance to minimize cost without compromising on performance.

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100% Made in Taiwan

In order to swiftly provide the products to companies all over the world, we are continuously increasing our manufacturing capacity in Taiwan. We have heavily invested in the machines and molds to keep optimizing our production process. Managing our supply chain management via IT and ERP systems enables us to provide our global clients with over 20,000 SKU daily.

Our major processes include:

Made in Taiwan 100% Forging Lathe working CNC Vibrating Heat treating Electroplating Warehouse


Tailored for Your Market

Which tool kit is more successful in your market—the 446pc Master Tools Kit or the 36pc Professional Socket Set?

Decades of experience have shown us that the determining factors are: relevance of contents; and appeal and durability of packaging. With over 20,000 tools in our warehouse, Tien-I wholly customizes the contents of your tool sets. Based on the demands of your local market preference, our team will handpick the ideal selection of tools and packaging.

Exclusive molds are available on request.

Solution for various Tool Box Demands
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