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Torx Screw and Star Socket Size Chart

  • 2019-02-17

“Which socket should I buy to remove this Torx screw?”

“ It feels this socket not griping tightly.  How to check the size of Torx screw?

These kind questions can be heard in every hardware stores.  We hereby provide helpful information on Torx Screw and Start Socket, aka E socket. Hope every professional craftsman can always buy the right star socket.

Want to know more about Torx? please click the following link:

                         Torx Socket Screw what?


There are two kinds of Torx fasteners, External and Internal.  The right tools is different, the Torx sockets for External bolts and Bits for Internal screws.

Torx Internal and External Screw and Star socket Size Chart 
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Torx Socket Bolts Charts

Tien-I manufactures Star Sockets and Star Bits Sockets according to international standards.  If you look for the supplier for consistent quality bit socket, please contact with Tien-I Sales team.