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Where is my tool?! Here is Solution!

  • 2015-04-30

What to do if you couldn't find your tool? 


When repairing the machine, many craftsman may just happend to not find their needed tools. Imagine that while you want to wrench something with the 3/8" Wrench but just can't find it. This kind of problems happen in the all world. Seriously, it could cause disaster damage if missing tools or spare part in the professional filed. If you did work in the Nuclear Power Plant, and one socket is missing, the damage is not only to replace a socket but uncountable loss if the socket fall into the Nuclear Reactor. Not to mentioned if accidently leave wrench behind the engine in the airplane. It will cause the dead if the wrench fall from high sky during the flight.

Here is a high-tech solution: Hand Tool + RFID

The main challenge is the intergrated software, which integrates all relative information and enable the user to see in the monitor. The U.S. company Cribmaster developed the relative application for software + hardware.  The French first tool brand Facom already worked with Cribmaster to develop a series of products.

Regarding the tools embedded the RFID chips, it can be detected within range of 5 meters. The detect range can be expanded if adding other equipment to strengthen the singal. Tien-I, already invested in the relative studies, and welcome to any further inquiry and cooperation opportunity.

Applications : 

  1. Automated factory (unable to accept any loss of downtime)
  2. Aerospace field
  3. Military Industry
  4. High heavy machinery Power plant
  5. Food Factories
  6. Luxury vehicle repair center


what is RFID? RFID Basic Knowledge from Wiki: 

Quote from Wiki:  RFID stand for Radio-Frequency IDentification, is the wireless use of electromagnetic field to transfer data, for the purposes of automatically identifying and tracking tags attached to objects.