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Easy To remember: Torque Coverstion Table

  • 2021-04-02

Many of our professional customers will provide us with product drawings when they ask us to produce hand tools, and most of the drawings will indicate the torque value. However, for non-engineers or inexperienced users, it is not intuitive to judge the torque from the numerical size, because the torque units are different, for example, the common torque units are Nm, inch-pond, and kgf.cm.  

In different countries, in different laboratories, you may see interesting combinations of torque units.

To know more about torque, please click the following link.

Why Is It Important To Know The Torque of Hand Tools?


As we are Tool-Professiona-Maker, it is important to understand torque unit conversion and digital size sensitivity. But there are too many units. How to quickly and easily remember them?

In addition to downloading the torque unit conversion APP, a simple and good comparison torque table poster in your workshop or garage would be good for every man who likes DIY and loves his family. I would like to share below conversion torque unit table to all our industry friends for free.


Hand Tool Torque Conversion Table

(Please click the picture below to open the PDF file)

Tien-i Tool Torque Conversion Table

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