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The way to install your tire matters to your life

  • 2017-05-28

Imagine, when you drive on the freeway, the tire flies from nowhere to you. How would you do?

This kind of accident happened in Taiwan high speed way, which recorded by the driving record. The cause is the tire bolt loose already. On high speed, the tire kept vibrating which transmitted to the bolts. Eventually, the bolt lose completely so did tire. In 2016, the deadly car accident caused by tire inappropriately installed is 12% in Taiwan.

So, how do you prevent it from happening? Right Torque for Tire! More precisely, the right tools with right torque to install the tires.

But, how do you know the right torque?

The low torque means loose. The high torque means bolt damaged. In fact, USA and Euro Union have the standard torque requirement for reference. The accurate torque is various by different model and years. The best way is to check with your model mechanics or technicians. Below is the link of the torque requirement chart for different vehicle models.


1.) Mechanic Torque wrench 

There are a lot of resource on-line. You could check below link for quick understanding: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Torque_wrench



2.) Torque Stick Bar (with color identification code)



Mechanic Torque wrench can precisely set up the torque, but it does take time. If you need to replace many tires with limited time, you need more efficiently tools. The torque stick bar is designed for it.

The color code on torque stick bar represents different torque limitation. So, mechanics could easily find the right torque for each model of vehicles. When the torque reaches a certain point, the bar flex so that the end other end not move. It’s related to the thickness of the metal, the thicker the metal the more torque it can handle.

Here is how you do with these efficiently tools: 1.) chose right torque bar based on your vehicle model 2.) use impact gun with right power set-up 3.) tight with mechanic torque wrench for security

Demo video :


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