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Story in Tokyo DIY Show [Site Photos]

  • 2018-08-31

JAPAN HOMECENTER DIY SHOW got long history in Japan. Lots of local famous brands such as Makita, Kyoto Tools (KTC) or Lobster also exhibit. One of the goals of this exhibition is to encourage people Do It BY Yourself (DIY). Therefore, the exhibition will open for common people for 2 days and also allow to sell.

Kid with Tools

In the show, Tien-I Tools attracted a lots of craftsman attention. Who is this lovely boy? It seems this cool future craftsman love our mini-ratchet, but unfortunately, we don’t sell.

This kid refused to put back the mini-ratchet. In future, he may go to Mars to fix rocket.


This interesting gentleman was very happy to hear we have produced the tools for Europe and American brands. He took out an mysteriously ancient plier which he received 50 years ago from US. Military Technician. He asked if we know this brand. But the plier was too old to recognize its brand. We can tell the tool was well maintained and treated as treasure. To this gentleman, the tool maybe is more than the tool.

Tien-I quality chrome and impact socket is made for the level that you could pass to your kid. If you need quality as same as made in Japan, feel free to contact Tien-I for more information.