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A look inside the Great Tool Catalog [PDF Free Download]

  • 2018-04-08

The hand tool catalog is a valued book for professional craftsmen. 

A great Hand Tool Catalog helps users (eg: craftsmen, employees, and the procurement at tool store) to find products efficiently, to understand how the tools used, to explore the trends in the consumer market.

In the hand tool industry, a category may have hundreds of SKU.

For example, how many items are hex-sockets? If you only count 1/2 "Dr., there will be more than 200 items.


Therefore, a great catalog of hand tools can simplify the complex so that users can easily find the desired products, without sacrificing the necessary product information.

For example, for professional craftsmen, the key points of the HEX sockets are:

Hex hole size (S): The goal is the size of the screw or nut you want to remove or tight.

Square hole size (Dr.): The right torque requirement, which is how much force you need to tight the screw nut. Or you many consider the size of your ratchet handle.

Length (D): Length is a special requirement for many craftsmen given different repair condition, especially on car repairs

Depth (E): Depth is very important, especially in the stability of the torque

Hex hole diameter (A): Considering that the socket is too fat to fit into the confided space among components.

Professional craftsmen will also consider "Hex Chamfers", "Square hole and Hex hole tolerances" (which is following the rules with the US ANSI or European ISO/DIN specifications), the maximum torque values and the "material" and "surface" treatment.

If you are interested in the catalogs of famous tool brands, please refer to the following links:

America Snap-on https://store.snapon.com/Default.aspx

Germany Hazet https://www.hazet.de/en/products/

France Facom https://catalogue.facom.com/uk-en

Japan Koken http://www.koken-tool.co.jp/index.html

Tien-I hand tools catalog covers the hand sockets from the small size 1/4” to the big size 3/4", hand sockets related accessories, impact sockets from the small 1/4" to the huge 1-1/2" or 2-1/2" designed for rail or hydraulic sockets with application on oil pipeline, and the impact sockets related accessories

Tien-I Catalog



The following is Tien-I catalog link: https://www.tien-i.com/news_detail/1083-2019-tien-i-new-catalog


To make your life easier, we separate the Tien-I catalog into following:

1.) Part.1 (4.3mb) Socket and Toolkit

2.) Part.2 (4.6mb) Impact Socket

3.) Part.3 (1mb) Air Chisel

4.) Part.4 (2.4mb) Automotive Tools


Tien-I is a professional hand tools factory, designed for professional tools for all over the world tool brands including OEM production. If you have any hand tool sockets or impact sockets related business, welcome to contact with Tien-I over 10 years’ experience sales team.