Impact Socket Difference between DIN & ANSI
  • 2016-08-01

In general, most of impact socket are based on US. spec called ANSI/ASTM (American National Standards Institute) or Germen spec called DIN (Deutsches Institut für Normung). So what's the difference between them? Here are the three major points we have experienced.

1) ANSI/ASTM have standard for inch, and DIN have non.

2) Given the same hex size of impact socket, the diameter sizes are different.

3) Given the same hex size of impact socket, different tolerance requirement for some spec.

The weight material, inventory, production and processing equipment requirement will be significantly affected by above 3 points.  Let's focus on the most important square drive hole in impact socket as the example.  For the impact socket square drive, German standard is DIN 3121 (ISO 1174-2), and US standard is ASME B1107.4M-2012


From above figure, we can clearly notice the tolerance different, especially 1/2" Dr. DIN allows 0.11 tolerance, while ASTM do 0.218, which have 0.108 mm gap. DIN require stricter tolerance. In other words, DIN and ANSI impact sockets are in fact not same products and should be compared carefully.

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