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All-in-one Design concept – Multifunctional Tools

  • 2015-11-24

All-in-one Design concept – Multifunctional Tools

Below picture is popular in internet. It represents Microsoft Windows systems evolution. The hammer design smartly indicate each product design concept and its practical advantages and disadvantages.

Win 98/95 was one of the unprecedented products. Imagine no one had seen this kind of products before until that moment. People would said that is what we want. Regardless of how crude it looks now, it was so classic at that time.

However, the next generation has gradually become superfluous, not focus on its essence, but adding unnecessary designs.

What is the product essence? The invention of Swiss Army Knives is unprecedented. It also continuously improve and evaluate. But rarely see other tools have such all-in-one design.

Perhaps the reason is professional tools should focus on solving the problem. Add any new features can't help solving the core problem, but increasing the cost. Swiss Army Knife solve the convenience and usage of surviving in the wilderness. Take one blade from Swiss Knives to compare with other knife alone, and maybe Swiss Knives blade may not be better in terms of balancing and sharpness

1 + 1> 1 or 1 + 1

(Orignal Picture link:http://www.victorinoxwatches.com/)

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