Socket Size Inch and Metric - How to easily tell
  • 2016-02-19

The hex difference between INCH and MM

When you are in Hardware store, you may wonder: "why can't this socket fit the nut? The size looks so close!" The reason is the user have unclear unit size concept, so the wrong tool is chosen, and then the nut can't be properly fixed or locked. Most customers indicate they are not intuitive enough to convert SAE (inch) into Imperial(MM). For example, what is the difference of the hex nut between 11/16" and 17MM? Can both size fit by 17mm socket?

Below diagram can help quickly notice the hex difference between INCH and MM


It also helps us to get better concept for difference between INCH and MM to avoid buying the wrong tools.

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Below are the index chart to show the close number between inch and metric but it is only "close" not precisely fit 


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