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2022 AMPA Online Show Exhibitor Interview

  • 2022-03-21

Tien-i Industrial will participate in AMPA2022 Online Show on 2022/4/11-24, you can visit us online directly :


The press release of the interview is as follows:

「Tien-I Industrial Corporation Limited was founded in Taichung in 2004. Over the last two decades, the company has built a reputation for producing high-quality tools, while expanding its product line and cultivating customer relationships. Tien-I currently offers over ten thousand products to its global customers, including socket tool kits, impact sockets, air chisels, tube tools, and automotive tools. Leading German and American tool brands in the aviation, automobile, and solar industries, as well as Japanese machine companies, are among the clients. The company considers itself to be more than just a supplier.


Made in Taiwan, Tien-I products are known around the world for meeting international standards

"Tien-I makes tools for professional technicians in auto shops, mechanics who maintain aircraft, or engineers who maintain high-tech equipment in technology factories," said Tannis Huang, sales manager. "In order to uphold the company's core values of integrity and reliability, Tien-I strives to provide its clientele with tools of unsurpassed quality and meeting stringent safety standards, he added. Tien-I is ISO 9001 and ROHS certified, and its factories have been audited by Intertek, TUV, and D&B. Every member of the quality control team has received SGS training to ensure that every Tien-I product complies with DIN, ISO, and ANSI/ASTM international standards.


As a hand tool manufacturer, Tien-I own the edge in the entire process from raw materials, forging, turning and rolling, digital control machining, heat treatment and surface treatment, all done in Taiwan. In 2022 AMPA, besides its popular automotive repair tools, Tien-I will focus on the motorcycle repair market and electronic vehicle. The company develops new tools for new electronic-motorcycle and electronic-car, such as the patented nano-impact-hex socket, and the special air chisel. From the beginning of the design phase, Tien-I engineers work with its clients to transform the product concept into a manufacturable component. Save the customer great time and cost to let them keep the market advantage.


In the Post-Epidemic Era, Expansion and Smart Manufacturing

Tien-I intends to expand into new motorcycle repair tool markets in addition to the European and American markets. Through AMPA, the company hopes to increase product exposure and expand into new Asian markets. Vietnam and Indonesia, for example, are potential targets.


Tien-I has invested in ERP systems and production automation in the post-epidemic era to improve efficiency and share production and market information with customers more frequently; Tien-I has used proactive planning and dynamic forecasting models to improve and solve inventory shortages to meet customers' urgent order needs.」

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