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Hardware Fair Cologne [photos]

  • 2018-03-24

Why Cologne Hardware Show as B2B exhibition is still so important in the hand tool industry, even in Age of Alibaba and Amazon?

1.) The history and home advantage in Europe

Cologne Hardware Show started in 1952 in cologne, Germany. Many well-known tool brands have chosen this exhibition to announce the new products. Before the Internet, the exhibition was the most effective marketing place for B2B. No matter looking for new clients, new vendors, or new products, it's all here. Before 2000, not even one slot left for new booth in Cologne Show. Because of this history, many buyers still schedule this exhibition in their calendar, despite of many new exhibitions and B2B searching platform.

Cologne Hardware Show is in Germany, and German-made-HandTool is a synonym for high-end hand tools. It's fair to say that the European hand tool leader is in German. Therefore, it is very convenient for German Hand-tools manufacturers and European brands to participate Cologne Show or visit.

Cologne locate in middle Europe, so it’s easily to reach the city directly by trains or plane. Just across the bridge of Rhine river, you could reach Exhibition Centre Cologne from Kölner Dom. The city is rich for all kind of tourism resources and many international hotel chains. However, during the big exhibition, if you didn't make an appointment few months in advance, the fee for the hotel could be more than 500 euros 1 night.

2.) Local Strong Brands participating

Compared with America or Japan Brands, European historical and strong brands especially Germany participate this exhibition by investing heavily in decoration and displaying the hottest new products. Global regional dealers and the media will also be willing to come to this joyous event. Building up the stage, the major role play passionately, and the audience pay. A positive cycle just build up.

Some examples of hand tool brands in Cologne Hardware Show (alphabetization)


Founded in 1868, comprehensive tool brand



Founded in 1882, professional plier brand


Founded in 1919, professional Puller tool brand


Founded in 1862, comprehensive tool brand.


However, due to declining exhibition effect, many international tool brands haven’t show up, such as French Facom, Sweden Bacho, American IR, Snap-On, Matco and MAC. KTC... so on.

In recent years, almost every exhibition become similar. The exhibitions in Shanghai and Guangzhou are only slightly different from those in the United States and Europe. Cologne Hardware Show also adjusted from 1-year to 2-year show and offers subsidies and protection of intellectual property. The B2B show is still B2B. No open to retail and not much regular consumers to come (28 euros a day ticket).

Tien-I industry will participate in Taiwan hardware exhibition on Oct. 17 - 19, 2018, and welcome to visit us.