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Tien-I R&D engineer team specialize in manufacturing precision metal, especially stamping and tube components. Early in the design phase Tien-I engineers team closely work with our clients to transform product conception into a manufacturable component.

In additional, Tien-I experts understanding of what is required to improve quality, enhance time-to-market, and reduce waste. We are able to offers consulting assistance to develop the blue print that leads to a lower cost component without give in the quality.


Tien-I's continuously improving manufacturing capacity enable us to provide the better products to our global clients faster. We have invested heavily on the machines and molds to continuously optimize the production process. With the IT tech and supply chain management team, we currently supply over 10,000 SKUs products to our global clients on time every week.

As a professional metal manufacturer, Tien-I have various metal processing experience and capacities, from forging, stamping, CNC machining, heat treatment, and various surface treatments. The whole production is entirely carried out in Taiwan. That's why we have confidence to meet our clients’ challenging and changeable demands across the different industries.

Our major processes include:

Forging Lathe working CNC Vibrating Heat treating Electroplating Warehouse
Solution for various Tool Box Demands

Do you know what combination of tools in your tool set would be successful in your local market?

Tien-I have full sizes of hand-tools and auto-repair tools, so we can offer customized combinations for your unique tool sets. Tien-I's 30s year experience design team will advice the potential tools selections based on your local market demand.

Additionally, tien-I's distinct toolbox make your items look entirely different from your competitors. Finished Tien-I components can be packaged to meet your specific requirements. Options include blow molded case, aluminum case, metal case, plastic case, and tray, blister pack, canvas bag.

Solution for various Tool Box Demands
Build your own tools
Build your own tools
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