Taiwan Leading Hand-Tool Maker

Q & A
Q1:What type of the industry does Tien-I Company belong to?
Tien-I is the professional manufacturer in auto-repairing tools. Most of our factories and subcontractor are all in Taiwan. If you need more specific information or any certificates, please contact with our sales representative.
Q2:What is the range of Tien-I’s products?
Tien-I specialize in various professional auto-repair tools, including hand sockets series, impact socket series, air chisels, complete accessories and multiple-tools.
Q3:What kind of package services would Tien-I provide?
Tien-I would design the package based on the features of products, your domestic marketsyou’re your potential demands. You can visit the service page to get more specific information.
Q4:Will Tien-I accept OEM or ODM orders?
Q5:Is it possible to have your own brand on the products?
Yes, Tien-I can stamp our brands on the different parts, and also you can purchase the products without logo.
Q6:Is it possible to sign the NDA (non-disclosure agreement) with Tien-I for long-term business relationship?
Yes, we concern much about our clients’ benefits so that if our clients need NDA to protect their information from disclosure, we can cooperate with them based on the reciprocal agreements.
Q7:Can I ask the exclusive right for specific items in the target areas?
It depends on what kind of products and where areas you request. You can contact with our sales representatives for further information about exclusive right in your country.
Q8:Where are the Tien-I’s raw materials and producing process?
Most of our raw materials come from the CSC (China Steel Corporation), the largest steel company with the highest quality in Taiwan. For more specific information, you can visit Material or contact with our sales representative.
Q9:Do Tien-I offer the certificate of Origin (C/O)?
Yes, we can offer the origin and chemical properties certificates of our raw material for your reference.
Q10:Can I get the latest catalogues?
We provide two versions of our catalogue, the paperback and electronic catalogue. We recommend you to download our catalogue on-line, or you can send your request for paperback catalogue to our sales representative. You also can personally visit our booth to get catalogue in international tradeshows in Shanghai China and Cologne Germany.
Q11:What vehicle brands are Tien-I auto repair tools used for?
Tien-I’s general auto repair tools usually are applicable to most car brands, including GM, Audi, Austin, BMW, Ford, Honda, Jaguar, Mercedes Benz, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Rover, Toyota, VW, Mazda, Saab, Subaru, Renault, and Opel.
Q12:If the product I search is not on your online catalogue, what should I do?
You can send the product detail to our sales representative. Photo and drawing with specification and material would be very helpful for us to quote to you.
Q13:Do Tien-I deliver the samples to our client around the world?
Tien-I deliver samples to our clients around the world. Our cooperated delivery companies include FedEx, UPS, TNT and DHL. You just need to provide us the account and your address before we arrange the delivery. The fee of samples depends on how many products you request.
Q14:Can I purchase only one or few quantity from Tien-I?
We are regretful that as a manufacture we can’t retail the products.
Q15:What can you do to help us speed up the Tien-I process for your inquiries?
  • Before send your quotation, you would have to mention the “Item No.” of your interesting products in inquirymail. That would help us respond your inquiry as soon as possible.
  • When you would like to quote the products that not existed on our website, please offer the products’ photos or drawings if possible.
  • We welcome any technical or manufacturing question. We will do our best to provide profession answers or suggestions.
  • Please offer the basic information of you and your company. It would help us build the clients’ data base and contact you easily.
Q16:Is there MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) or MOV (Minimum Order Value) for per order?
The minimum order quantity should be at least 8000$ dollars, but if your order value is lower than this target number, then there will be extra fee 300$ dollars for documentation services.
Q17:What’s Tien-I’s lead time?
It depends on the specific items you order. Referring to the range of products in our catalogue, we usually will need 60 days to prepare.
Q18:Where are your main markets?
Now we serve many big brand companies in Europe and North America.