Unlike another Asia making Tube Wrench, Tien-i Super Durable Tube Box Wrench is designed by pro and made for pro. 


Tien-i Tube and Box wrench can surpass German standard torque requirement (DIN/ISO 1711-2)  by 2 -3 times. 


Why is Tien-i Tube Box Wrench more tough and durable !?

The secret is about the quality Cr-V alloy steel material from Taiwan plus high-tech heat-treatment for precise hardness range.   Plus all the spec meet the DIN/ISO requirement.   


If you search for the tool maker who is made for pro.  Try Tien-i Super Durable Tube Box Wrench.    


  • Designed and made for pro and heavily daily users
  • Surpass DIN/ISO torque requirement by 2-3 times.  No more break
  • Completely meet DIN/ISO spec
  • Cr-V Alloy Steel from Taiwan plus High Tech heat-treatment