Taiwan Leading Hand-Tool Maker

  • 2014-09-01
  • Many mechanism think the ratchet handle is the heart of the tool kit. So other accessories can be viewed as hands or feet. The accessories play the very important role for the professional mechanisms. Different work environment need different accesso ...
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  • 2014-08-31
  • You have likely seen hand tool sockets at your local market. A socket is a shiny, cylindrical form that features some grooves and a brand mark.In fact, there are several types of socket, and these are classified by their form of driving power:Chrome ...
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  • 2014-08-01
  •  How to Measure Socket Drive SizeIn the diagram above, the three key dimensions of a socket are labeled as Drive Hole, L, and S. These key dimensions determine the usage of this socket as follows:Drive Hole indicates the size of the dr ...
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