How to use Universal Joint Socket?
  • 2015-02-24

Universal Joint, or Universal Joint Socket are designed to work for the confined place with fleixble angles. Usually, the user will apply universal joint plus socket plus extenson, or just universal joint socket plus extension. Either way will help the user to "turn corners" or to get a socket onto an inaccessible bolt head.

Tien-I supplies the complete sizes of universal joint socket and several unique type of universal joint. The lock universal joint with safe design enable the end user to lock the socket when releasing or tightening the nuts or bolts. The magnetic universal joint can attach the bolt so that you won't need to worry about losing the bolts in the long and confined place. 

Attention: Using Universal Joint Socket need to be care and patience. These tools, especially universal joints, have a tendency to pull to the sides when you apply torque and slip off the fastener head. That's why the universal joint works better the straighter it is, which means faster to get job done. As below youtube link shows:   

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