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Why Tien-I won't use Carbon Steel

  • 2014-10-01

Carbon Steel is very common type of steel. The percentage of carbon will decide whether the steel is high, middle or low carbon steel.  With more carbon, the hardness of steel will go higher. Usually lower carbon steel is suitable for forging or die casting.


Most of DIY hand tools will go for this kind of carbon steel. It is cheap and easy to access. However, the durability of tool will not be longer and it is not suitable for precise processing. That's why Tien-I won't use this type of material for our clients.


A summary of the properties of some different steels

type of steel

iron alloyed with


typical use

low carbon steel

about 0.25 per cent carbon

easily shaped

car body panels

high carbon steel

up to 2.5 per cent carbon


cutting tools

stainless steel

chromium and nickel

resistant to corrosion

cutlery and sinks