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Tien-i won Taiwan Excellence Award 2023

  • 2022-11-03

Tien-I Industry honorably announced that Tien-I





The tool is selected as Taiwan Excellence Awards 2023.  Tien-I Team developed the patented design with hex shape. Tien-i Nano Hexagonal Impact Sockets can comply with wrenches instead of ratchet, which greatly improves the work efficiency and further reduces the length by 50%.


Tien-I products are proved to be high quality and innovative around the world. Tien-I team hope we could keep this honor and keep increasing the value of Made-In-Taiwan.  


If you have any new ideas, Tien-I Design Team can be your resource to make your dream come true. Contact Tien-I Team. 





Taiwan Excellence Awards:

"Taiwan Excellence Award" was established by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan in 1992 as the symbol of Taiwan Excellence honors Taiwan’s most innovative and value-added products. Thousands products will attend for the competition for only 100s will be selected as Taiwan Best Products in the year.  



Selection Field Picture

 Taiwan Excellence Reward Tien-I Hand tools