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Reason Why Taiwan hardware show must go

  • 2020-05-10

The Taiwan Hardware Show is an annual international B2B technology exhibition for industry professionals. In 2019, a total of 430 exhibitors participated in this show. Of these, 90 percent are Taiwan manufacturers, including some leading brands, manufacturers and trading companies in the hand tool industry. The visitors are industry experts from all over the world.

A successful B2B exhibition fulfils the exhibitors’ three key ambitions:

1.) Increase brand awareness

2.) Generate new leads

3.) Maintain key account relationships

For visitors, the goal is simply to discover something new: new products, new manufacturers, new technology.

Currently, all B2B exhibitions around the world face the same challenge. Manufacturers are hesitant to display their new products out of fear that these will be quickly copied by Asian competitors. Before e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba and Amazon became giant players, a new hand-tool product could maintain a competitive advantage for at least a year, but now it would be lucky if that edge lasted for 3 months. Usually, if no one copies the new item, this means that sales have not been particularly successful.

As the hand-tool industry in Taiwan is not that vast, manufacturers are well aware of their local competitors. Therefore, in the exhibition, many brands prefer to show their new items to only their target clients in a small room, instead of publicly displaying them.

The Best Platform for Taiwan Hardware Manufacturers

The Taiwan Hardware Show provides an excellent platform for Taiwanese manufacturers. It hosts 430 professional makers and trading experts in a pavilion with ample space. The Taiwan Hardware Show provides spacious surroundings in which manufacturers can display their latest products, as well as plenty of small yet comfortable meeting rooms, in which customers can leisurely try out new hand tools and have in-depth conversations with makers about future collaborations. No sweat, no sore legs, and no hassle. If you’ve ever visited the China Canton Fair, you’ll know that checking out the new products is like hunting in the jungle. As space is rather limited, the booths are tightly packed together and many visitors have trouble finding a place to sit. Everyone seems too busy to pay attention to you. Visitors are lucky if they manage to get close enough to grab a catalog and a business card before being swept away by the crowd.

Part of the appeal of the Taiwan Hardware Show is that it takes place in Taichung, a key location that is highly attractive to professional buyers of hand tools.

The Advantage of Holding Taiwan Hardware Show in Taichung

Taiwan is in the top five of countries for exporting hand tools. Taichung is the center of Taiwan’s hand-tool industry. Nearly 70 percent of hand tool makers—around 1,518 factories in total—are located in Taichung and Changhua.

Taiwan Hand Tools Export

Most visitors to the exhibition choose to stay in hotels in Taichung, and they will make the most of this location by visiting the premises of many hand-tool makers during their visit. It is possible to visit ten factories in one day. You can meet the makers of all kinds of hand-tools, including sockets, impact sockets, wrenches, hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, brushes, garden tools, specific alloy steel bolts, vehicle repair tools, and many more.

If you visit the annual exhibitions held in Cologne, Las Vegas or Shanghai, the distance between the exhibition itself and the exhibitors’ factories, if there are any in the vicinity, are much greater. You would have to drive for at least several hours by car or travel more than one day by plane. It is difficult for visitors to really see and experience the exhibitors’ factories.

hand tool industry Map

Tien-I’s socket manufacturing plants are in Taichung. Many of our clients take the opportunity to visit our processing sites when they visit the Taiwan Hardware Show. Our clients can personally feel the fire of our heat treatment furnaces. They can witness the high speed and accuracy of CNC machines, the power of cold forging, and the magic shaping of the hot forging process.

One of the benefits we provide for our global clients is speed and flexibility. Compared with other leading quality hand-tool manufacturers globally, Tien-I is able to develop new products and solve customers’ problems in half the time, thanks to our strong local network.

According to Toyota’s management principle, supervisors must achieve 3G: genba, genbutsu, genjitsu. “Have you been to the site?” This is the first question in Toyota’s internal meetings. The higher level of the supervisors, the more often they go to the working fields, where the great things are really made. That’s because they know they will find answers on the site. In the same way, visitors to the Taiwan Hardware Show can enjoy exploring new hand tools in the show as well as inspecting the process that goes into making them.

Our recommendation for visitors is that you spend one day exploring Taiwan Hardware Show at your own pace, and spend the next day visiting Tien-I and other hand-tool makers. Then, you can fly back to your home country with all the answers and solutions to your hand-tool needs.

Taiwan Hardware Show’s target is OEM and ODM business for high-end hand tools, such as aerospace industry or professional hand-tool brands. For those buyers flying to Taiwan in October every year and visiting the Taiwan Hardware Show, they have deep understanding of professional hand-tool markets.

Tien-I Participates in Taiwan Hardware Show Every Year

As a leading socket manufacturer in Taiwan, Tien-I participates in the Taiwan Hardware Show every year. To provide our customers with a better exhibition experience and to meet their expectations for new products, we always push ourselves to present exciting new developments every year, such as the shortest and thinnest sockets in the world, cool tool sets for various market needs, and the latest maintenance tools for the electric cars. To reserve seats for our new product demos at the Taiwan Hardware Show or to arrange a visit to our processing plants, please contact our sales team.

We welcome our international friends from the hand-tool industry to explore our booth in Taiwan Hardware Show in every October. Looking forward to seeing you there!