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Tools Kit and Custom Tools Case Assortment

  • 2017-02-01

How do you organize your tool cabinet drawer? 

A well-equipment tool cabinet is necessary for every craftsman, which not only shorten the searching time, but also reduce the losing chance. However, the one nice tool cabinet with all kind tools inside can cost hundred thousand dollars. That’s why many mechanics or technicians choose to buy empty cabinet, and select the needed tools by themself.

But still you don’t like to see the chaos in your cabinet. As a professional craftsman, you would like to see it well organized and neat. With a systematic foam (EVA) or black hard plastic could be your best help.

tools eva and tray

(Laser cutting carbon fiber sponge EVA & strong plastic Tray)

Systematic foam means to by instinct divide a drawer into several smaller space to organize the different kind of tools. The popular way is by number in a fraction. 1 represent the entire drawer space, 1/2 half, and so on. The numbers represent the foam size and the occupied space in the cabinet drawer. See below image:


hand tool assortment system

tool case assortment design

(Three 1/3 of foam in a drawer, or one 2/3 and one 1/3 foam in a drawer)

Somehow this is ideal situation. For a craftsman, the daily job is always take tools and put it back, again and again. So, to make this kind of daily job become easier is the goal of organized system for drawing.

Tien-I team specialize at designing and manufacturing systemized EVA. If you have any idea, welcome to contact with us.

Below is the most adorable tool cabinet in Russia. This cabinet has remote control function and is also our best friends.

(Warning: Dogs, especially dachshund one, is not suitable for heavy carry, because their spines are fragile. Do not force your pets to carry the heavy burden. If any concern, please ask your veterinarian)

(Picture source: http://www.boredpanda.com/tool-dog-dachshund-suit-auto-mechanic/)