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Tien-i New item : Adjustable T-handle Driver and Bit - Turbo Speed Wrench

Adjustable T-handle Driver and Bit - Turbo Speed Wrench, Patented

Tien-I Patented Adjustable T-handle Driver and Bit is the perfect tool when you need to fasten or loosen long fasteners in hard to reach places, and do it quickly. A sliding Aluminum collar with knurled handle can be locked in 3 positions. Impact Socket Bit can attach to the long shaft of the handle for added torque.


Tien-I Patented Adjustable T-handle Driver turns fasteners quickly and continuously with the free spinning collar. The knurled collar can be locked into 3 different positions.


Tien-I Patented Adjustable T-handle Driver works perfectly in hard to reach areas. I have used it and it has proved to be strong, flexible, and versatile, compared to a regular ratchet wrench. It can also be used in a straight-in position.



Nowseveral sizes are available, 1/4” driver 3/8 driver, 1/2 inch driver, and hex hole for bit.

T-Handle Driver

 Diversified material for the handle and the component on the shank. Rubber handle and cross-patterned component increase friction, easy to use even with slippery hands.

Patented, specially designed sliding Aluminum collar with knurled handle allows users to turn the handle swiftly and exert their strength more easily.

Extended shank allows users to reach the deep bolts more easily.

Different choice for the T-Handle driver: 1/4 inch driver, 3/8 inch driver, 1/2 inch driver, or hex bit driver.

Tien-I is the professional T-Handle driver manufacturer. If you are interested to introudce this innovative product into your market, pleasecontact Tien-I Sales Team

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