Company Profile

Founded in Taiwan in 2004, and as a professional manufacturer Tien-I specializes in producing Socket Tool Set, Impact socket, Air Chisel, Tube tools, and Automotive Repairing Tools.

Company Profile

Now we serve our clients with over 10,000 items to meet any request from their markets. Besides regular hand tools, we focus on developing unique auto-repair tools for the international brand vehicle companies in Europe and America. With ODM service, Tien-I accompany our clients to develop new product from conception to the mass production.

Company Profile

We have dedicated to helping our clientbuild better products. Our manufacturing facilities comply with major international quality systems such as DIN, ISO, and ANSI international standards. Additionally, TIEN-I earned ISO9001 certification and passed CSCC Factory Inspection each year.

We sincerely welcome you to personally visit our factory and meet our experienced team. If you have any request or product develop idea, please contact us without hesitation.

Basic Profile
  • Company Name: Tien-I Industrial Corporation Limited
  • Country: Taiwan R.O.C.
  • Address: No.51, Industrial 36th Rd., Industrial District, Taichung.
  • Postcode: 40768
  • Established year: 2003
  • Employee: 100
  • Language: English, Chinese
  • Founder: Mr. Larry Lee & Mr. Shaio-Pao Huang
  • Sales Representative: Clare Kuo | Ginny Lien | Ring Ku | Tannis Huang
Industry We Serve

Tien-I is not only a professional hand-tool manufacturer. Our precision metal production capacity enable us to manufactures a variety of components for specialty consumer companies that apply the parts in different industries. Our engineers will work with our clients from design through full-scale production to consistently provide metal components with the specific tolerances. The precision metal components we manufacture for specialty consumer industry including:

Company Profile
  • Profession Hand Tool Industry
  • Tien-I have become the key supplier to many professional tool brands around the world. We not only supply the standard products but develop the patented products to keep our clients growing and remaining competitive in the global marketplace.
  • Auto Industry
  • Vehilce metal componens require 100% quality control in terms of all dimensions. Tien-I's metal part will always meet our clients specific requests.
Company Profile
  • Truck Industry
  • Truck repair tools require high torque and specific range of hardness. The endurance is the key. Tien-I's selected materail and heattreatment tech enable us to meet this specail challenges.
  • Energy Industry
  • Energy industry require the quality as well as the confidentiality. Tien-I carry all the production process in Taiwan Island without sourcing to any oversea country.
Message from founder

My dear friends,

Since we, Shiao-Pao and Larry, have founded Tien-I in 2004 summer, it has been decades.

We have over thirty-year experience in this field of hand tools just like long history of Taiwan hand tools industry. Since 60s, the metal production technologies and skills started to transfer from Japan to Taiwan, and it created the golden age of Taiwan hand tool industry.From early DIY level hand tools to latest precise digital mechanic tools, the shift of hand tool industry is similar to Taiwan overall industry’s transformation. We have been honor to part of this history and even now we are heading to create the new page of Taiwan Hand Tool industry.

In order to stand out among the competitors, we make determined efforts to the development of creative products against traditional ones. Now, we expand our range of product lines, provide with more competitive tool set selection, and cooperatively develop the new edge product with our clients.

We not only supply items to our clients but also help them identify the new market potential with new idea. We deeply believe that the clients’ satisfaction is our precious assets.

We would like to express our appreciation. Without many friends’ supports, we could not stand in present stage. We will keep every assistance in mind, and in return do our best to become better and loyal business partner that you can rely on.